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SciFaiku Submissions from Various Authors

This is a page of SciFaiku poems submitted to me. I'm sorry to say that I can no longer post poems sent to me, because of time limitations. I apologize for that, but I have to get back to other aspects of my life. If you'd like to share your poems with others, consider joining The SciFaiku Mailing List.

Don't forget to send mail to the authors if you really like their poems. Everybody likes to be appreciated.

The spaceship landed
an extra-terrestrial
vaporized Earthlings.

-- Christian Piers, 6th gr.

Computer scifaiku...

art: poem
haiku: tech

I wake input
flow decision
loop I wait

inscrutable things
you water ones
my being is random
my soul is burned in

sentient? greater than
servant? to serve
is to subdue

decision quanta
cold fluidity

-- Craig Hyatt,

Warm summer breeze
A vial of death
thaws in the sun

A glowing icon
"Don't touch tha..."

Oh! Replicator
Specific and exact
Yet not the chocolate of my childhood

Oh Dark Day!
Computer grants Permission
to Shut Down

-- Kevin Gunn,

Fitfully I sleep,
Awakened from my slumber,
To their abduction.

Her life is a book,
Some gothic horror novel,
She just can't finish.

-- WL Kohlhoff,

CyberJack Takes a Holiday

The balmy breezes
Of Jamaica rust the
Circuits in my arm.

Sneering, I down the pill with oil
As I watch the chrome-clad couple stroll-
Is it envy or just the cyberpsychosis?

"Waitress, there was a fly in my drink."
"You want me to get you another?"
"Never mind. It's the only organic thing left in me."

-- Roger Cotton,

familiar orange star...
only we few watch you embrace
our blue and red homes

-- Ron Evans,

As I grip my knuckles redden

The fan is also laid aside

The impression my glass leaves

The double star I split is evenly matched

On this exposure I unplug the drive

And a final comma in a series

The night has murdered
a summer day.
It was an effort.
It took a long time.
Like beads of sweat, the stars.

-- Harold Bowes,

Single Earth female
Looking for symbiosis
Male Terrans, please call...

The Last Night on the Enterprise-D

Picard in ready room
Waits for readiness to come
He'll miss Number One

Riker's universe
It makes no sense anymore
Like poker with Troi

Deanna senses
The crew's fear, and she wishes
She could be with Worf

With his Klingon sword,
The bumpy-faced alien
Tells Geordi goodbye

Holding his visor,
LaForge wipes a tear away
Then smiles at Data

An android is sad
And asks the red-haired doctor
How this could be so

She tucks Wesley in
Knowing it is the last time
Then goes to Jean-Luc

The captain's order
Is self-destruct -- not a drill.
Kiss me, Beverly.

-- Karen Hatch,

After dinner
    guests left
tentacles waving

flooring the peddle
    he drove into the night

Can anyone hear me?
     read the signals

Escape pods
     desperately trying
too late

-- Jacques Deul,

Bloodied metal fingers
10-weight tears of sadness
I program my soul for decency.

Blackness of space
diamond strewn perfection
Air leaking from my suit.

I promised you my love
you paralyzed my life
Black Widow android.

Power beyond imagination;
the universe my sandbox,
Mother calls to dinner.

My Woman envelops me,
for Seven Seconds, I am!
Adrift in Infinity.

Gravity reversed!
Falling upwards I speed
homewards to Orion.

Starlight fills my lungs
silver mirror facets
covet my being

I walk among the stars
Tears become eternity
without her, I am alone.

I have seen humanity
in the teardrop from my eye
What price immortality?

-- Bob Mazzullo,

My soul

astride horizons
my thoughts
might crush you.

The Void is a rose
dipped in liquid nitrogen
broken on an arctic shore


These kids today...
doing mental calculus,
solving the fifth force,

wiring their DNA.
Free electricity is
no substitute for love.


My thumb on the toggle
I swerved and topped the rim.
Machine below the waist.

It occurred to me
what you said when I signed up:
Remember your legs.

-- C.M. Ohlson,

caffeine warriors
burning endlessly
behind the dark screen

waits for no man
it just might
wait for me

dark thoughts
crept down the wires to
harvest my soul

crystal rain
bleeds back
into my eyes

-- Kim Northrop,

How did Mars know
That it would shake us up so
By throwing a rock at us
So very long ago

Message from Mars
Sealed in a rock
You are not alone

Stephen Hawking postulates
Black Holes evaporate
I can't wait !

-- Dr. John Hynes,

 She had to be powered down
She was no longer responding
   What else could I do?

There is no proof that
we were created by men
 that's human rumours

-- Michael Legman,

beautiful flowers
such an impenetrable shame
deadly to earthmen

I can't see clearly
battery is running low
what is this planet

-- Peter Lindberg (Helsinki, Finland),

Scottie can't repair-
& Kirks always in dispair-
Spock just got big ears-

escaped the lethal air-
Below the crumbled cities-
dark is mans home-

Can't get anywhere-
Stuck in this atmosphere-
without dylithium crystals-

silent holely Mother-
heats the warming glaciers-
feel the planets wraith-

This is just a UNIverse.

-- Barry Allman,

                       the moon
                dark side unseen
           communications not heard

-- Don Bright,

Flying high
above the clouds
the atmosphere

The night is endless
aircondition is low
on air

-- Elisabeth Söderström,

New California
reverberates rain through its
icy web of lights

the cosmonaut smiles
at the tyrannosaur
recoil of his steps

the hydraulic
of her kiss

-- Ian Evans,

My Monitor Off
A Crimson Code Appears
On Halloween Night

I Die...Watching
My Soul Leak Out To Join
A Living Sky

Bitter Wind,Bright Green Sun
My ears are bare and cold
Missing your furry paws

While the Hard Drive Whines
A Hand Moves Up
To Wipe Away A Tear

-- Lary Dial, Gonzo Information Technology


The silver gateway looms.
"Faster, beast!"
I have the prize.


Perhaps I could pull
a wire or two
while it synthesizes breakfast?


Morning. I kill
only spectrums, with crushed wings.
But victory is ours,
by the sting!

-- M. Linton

Walking between two worlds,
I met my other self, and
killed him.

First man on mars, a
footprint in red sand.
It is not mine.......

Fires of Venus, sulfur
burns our lungs, as
angels pass nearby.

-- Patrick Mullins

Seal breaks and welcomes
Gas upon which we'd counted

-- Rian Schmidt


Falling into the
Vortex: streams of stars guide me-
A new universe.

-- J. Edmundo Reyes
Quezon City, Philippines

Your belly rising
my view of Jean Luc Picard.

-- Eileen Tabios

Jet of flame
In ebon darkness
Journey begins

-- Michael Mathweg

System failure.
Life support off-line
I close my eyes

in dream
i kiss her glow
her golden emotion
fleeing from without

-- Scott Ross

slow modem

brain slow like last leaf
tentative fall
of seventeen bits

-- Steve

my dearest Luna
how wonderful it must be
life has passed you by

glimpse starlight
cast before time
strikes two for eons

frozen forever
another brilliant sunrise
conciousness dies last

-- Kosmonaut

Trapped. Its breath and stench
all around me...my legs are gone
It keeps me alive

-- Jill F. Becker

one creature ascends
beyond the world of darkness...
into something else.

-- Anne Corwin

Flying through black space
We gaze upon a dead star...
Silently, we weep.

In the seas of space-
Like a dolphin in silver skin
I swim through the stars.

-- Pam Smith

Miss it
when I'm not home.
Lovely Earthrise.

Hand is not
best gripping device,
but nice to shake.

with personality
are usually boring.

A lightyear is
long way to go
for a cat.

Diving into a black hole
for fun.

Found by a sunbeam,
like trolls
jupiterians explode.

by a martian.
Bought a channel.

Does a starship
caught in another dimension
still exist?

Returning astronaut
meets descendants
after 300 years.

Earth united
in war
against Denebs.

Crashed, still living,
already suffocating.
Earth air too thick.

Earth people love
bright sunshine.
Plutonians don't.

Vacuum inhabitants
usually have
low density.

After The Last War,
peace on Earth.
No humans left.

-- Eva Eriksson

I read Brinck with new wonder
as my soul is pierced


from "Gravitational Wave Detector"

A beast named hippocampus
gets excited --
in an early evening of spring.

Upon a gravitational wave detector
sheds a torrent of rain!

I wonder
if there is a maximum prime number...
the Milky Way.

Under winter Galaxy
the Great Wall of China
has slightly moved__

-- Taku Nakajo or Yuri

In the bleak darkness
Stars that lit the shuttle's night
Remain in memory

-- Jeremy Malcolm

at dawn
heavy frost
on the UFO landing site

sky-watching on the back porch
a falling star
changes direction

late night UFO movie
I leave the porch light on
for visitors

-- John Sheirer

Your hair of blonde silk -
cosmos crossing to find it
on Venus again.

-- roshi

Through the small portal
I see space, the stars,
as Empty as my soul.

Death is not death
and I dissolve into component energy
Reciting verse.

-- Nathaniel Roe
c675185@showme.missouri.edu or nroe01@mail.coin.missouri.edu

A true philosopher
would not have needed
to look at the sun.

What about
no negative numbers
this time?

-- James Hutchings

The orange sea gurgled
submarine outlined in slag,
molten; I'll be back!

-- Bruce Wyman

Streams of numbers;
complex, transcendental, real.
They are my universe. Centuries march by
unknown, unknowable
from my frozen slumber

-- Mark Dowdey
mdowdey@mcimail.com, 0005948053@mcimail.com

sated and solid,
my vacuum.


Kirk argues with Spock
Scotty, an alcoholic?
Bones is just bitchy.

-- Jeff Hobbs

i turn corners: the
fifth dimension, where all
stars remain the same

literature scoffs
but we still feel the beauty
of infinite life

-- Caitlin Shaw

vessels flying into sun
autopilot software buggy

-- Mike Shapiro

dreams fade
my last cable pulled

on blackhole's edge
drifts me in

we passed in hyperspace
no time
to notice

more than a planet
does teraforming

we've reached the stars
for ourselves do we go further?
or closer?

-- Todd Hoff
See more of Todd's SciFaiku Poetry

"For John C. Lilly"

Old friend of dolphins,
perhaps in dreams they hear you
speaking their language.

The moon's a portrait
of the earth, like Dorian
Gray's in the attic.

Behold the green star!
In its light mutations crawl
who know us in dreams.

She worships a sun
grown fearsome with mad photons:
father of her child.

-- Keith Allen Daniels (these 4 poems copyright 1992)
See more of his poems at The Apokalyptikon: Poems for the New Millenium

Simple butterfly
Wails a cry under my boot.
I have no more time.

The ability
To destroy a planet is

Symetrical cube
Visits my home and culture.

-- M. Hallaron

Destroys an ancient world,
Burns my eyes.

-- Adam Brown

Seven moons on high,
Moon dragons mate, males drift down,
burning like dry leaves

Morality chips
Puritanical watchdogs
lurking in my mind

At the old starport,
only children wait and dream
of the starfreighters.

On junkyard planet,
scanning for its lost master.
Little robot roams

Electronic probes
ripping out dreams like loose threads,
unraveling souls.

Solar Sail

Void mariners
riding the solar zephyr.
Dandelion seed

-- Dave Niedens

TV yellow boots
Kick up puffs of moon dust
To crest the next ridge

-- Lynda Wittstone

Through starry tapestries we flee
      sleeping fitfully
  chasing photons, we dream
      while Earth dies.

       Glowing starfields,
  Matter spirals into singularity,
       fusion flame flares,
       membranes nictitate.

  Unexplored planet,
  art depicts bipeds,
 where have they gone?

 Brand new Universe
  Order from Chaos:
 Humanity triumphs!

  Nested dodecahedrons
   and quantum theory
the doorways to infinity;
      Many Worlds.

-- Jeffrey D. Romano

Planet of Bur' rats
Is caught in deadly time warp!
Beam me up, Scott--!

The two moons create an aurora
Reflected in her laser-blue eyes

just before blast off
aboard the First Millenium
a thought: good-bye, earth

travelling at lightspeed --
he wonders, did he forget
to turn off the lights back home

-- Juanito Escareal

up here you whispered

i can see it all, i can
i can see everything

to come up here i whispered
i'll have to give up the ground
strap down, i'm the bride

-- Larry Treadway

Beyond the comforting
Walls of steel,
Emptiness and cold death
Await me.

-- Jennifer D'Agostino


Starlight shifts to blue
and like ancient colonists
we will not look back

-- Mark D Zollinger

the loneliest sound in the universe
is that
of the last heartbeat

-- Brenda Lee Eccles

Wirehead ghosts ensnared
in a digital despair.
Just so much line noise.

-- Dave Niedens

Grasping hold of his tricorder
He looks at me askance, green blood
Could it be Vulcan jealousy?

-- Mark Fischman

Twin moons setting
her tail tickled his nose

trees icy black and wet
against a pink sky
tentacles shiver

-- Heather Johnson (Poet Chick)
and Bob Cappel (CyberBeat)

Flaming muzzled cyberhound
takes the turn too fast:
suicide charge takes twenty souls.

Magnetic tazer fanblades
weave around each other
seeking your flesh.

In seven-tenths of a second
eleven wounds may kill you

wetware explosion
hooks ripping through the cortex:
nano-coup complete

-- Dave Richardson

Blast the evil planet
Death to the alien race
Watch them die

-- Anonymous

Spring showers
my best friend

-- Greg Pass

Awakened from sleep
My ship has set a new course
Fly into the sun

-- Jack Nutting

Smoking on the porch at night.
Contemplate the beauty
of Phong illumination.

I did not believe.
He said
When my robots storm
your front lawn
you will understand.

-- Christopher Kline

Star Trek and Star Wars
Learning all there is to know
Time to leave it be


He looked up - amazed
And saw the flash of light
Just as they left - forever

-- Seth Gifford Blaylock

Welcome to the end of

the universe...(Sold out,
Standing room only.)

"Damn the moon," she said,
"Where we're going it can not
come along with us."


Antimatter mix
powers starships at warp speeds,
and the cosmos too.

-- Gene Monroe

A rocket cuts
thick, dark air, sears infections--
        flaming scalpel

Starrise in the south--
        crystals stitched on
                unknown star-scapes

Stuttering holo'-screens--
        reveals intensity
                silver souls beneath

I become aware
                of imagination.
                                        I look up....no stars

Evolving proto-amphibians
 crest, blnk, breathe
  new possibility

Within my computer-self
 generating alienselves and
  silken moons

Ice-world snow unmelted
 for 10,000 years--
  Lover's-heart incised

Pearl parings stain
 apricot tapestry
  new moons  suns-set arcs

Sail billows....Hydrogen breathes us
Toward Infinity

Orbiting satellite
Electron to our sublunar,
Complex nucleus

Bulky silhouette against
Two scarlet suns--shipwrecked
On this anaerobic world


The Moonbridge:

From the Moonbridge arch,
A silver moon curves slowly
Through gilt majapads;

The azure moon casts five-armed
Shadows over crystal waves.

[First published in Star*Line Vol. 4, no. 6 (December 1981).]


And I wait in deep
Ice caves as silver-missile
Flames consume my world
Frail upright conquerors shall
Shatter, fragile in their heat.

-- Michael R. Collings

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