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SciFaiku by Tom Brinck

SciFaiku 2006

island nature reserve
the last remaining zombie
splashes at the tide

carrion birds scatter
with each twitch
of reanimated flesh

a scientist examines
zombie limbs

SciFaiku 2004

what happens -
when the ghosts at the end of time
find their way back to now?

pilgrim's station
this android
washing my feet

lifeless planet
a scarecrow planted by
missing terraformers

SciFaiku 2003

time to name the first star
at the foil of the solar sail

brushing dirt
from the tea bush root,
exposing ancient steel

a child drops violet petals
on the palms
of the robot Buddha

behind the glass eye
of the android soldier

playful octopi
emerge & retreat between
space station circuits

SciFaiku 2002

desiccated mind slug
clings to a hamster brain
in a yellow jar

on a red planet,
a marine and a Burla beast,
haggard, after war

wedging a lever
against the galaxy,
and buying time

SciFaiku 2001

iridescent ice moon
-- white gazelles
leaping the cliffsides

entrance to waste processing,
kitten prints
glowing green

in the slipstream

Day of the Dead;
the required phonecall
to our unborn children

summer heat:
your brainslug
abruptly loses its grip

SciFaiku 2000

a rocket flaring
in the infinite blue sky;
the slow wings of a crane

a loose part tumbling
alongside its orbit

swamplands at dusk:
abandoned launchpads
in fields of debris

SciFaiku 1999

Florida beach,
a minibus stops
at an atomic rocket coffee shop

waiting unshaven,
his spacesuit halfway on
in the not-yet dawn

tranquil waters --
an aluminum bluebird
glides into the light

up late, studying
star charts, not listening
to the cat's whispers

robotics lab :
the electric eye investigates
a jar of squid

SciFaiku 1998

chilly dawn --
        dew streaks
on the rocket nozzle

releasing octopus
in the tepid water
of Europan vents

after the rockets
        depart ... a resistor
        on the windowsill

mechanical woman
in a small bronze cage...
outside, thunder rolling

dawn...watching her
rub nanites
from the corners of her eyes

alien babies,
        moonlight like breathless raindrops

serious children
scrape frost from the joints
of a war machine

ramship prostitute:
        again spitting the copper taste
    from her mouth.

        neuronal stimulation:
young monk trades minds
        with a sparrow

        sunday afternoon
white skywhales drift above
        a blue arctic sea

SciFaiku 1997

hydroponics bay:
a snail among stars
on the wide porthole glass.

mid-spring, anticipating
the imminent cloning
of humans

her reptilian skin --
small bubbles on glossy green.

from our secret furnace:
    the first android of the revolution

summer day
the shells of cryochambers

Low thunder...his wife
whispers hypnotic commands
to his dreaming id.

they say, 'hide your passions!',
yet I can't resist the roar
of rocketships

the nova
        drowns out all screams
        in oceans of light

Thru empty windows
of abandoned skyscrapers,
just a butterfly...

Lunar New Year
      again the fear of laser attack

SciFaiku 1996

on these radioactive
wastelands of Earth...
the shrill cry of a loon

        when I step out
        for just a minute,
the modem dials on its own

a light frost on her lips

colors shimmer...
a swarm of nanobutterflies
        alights thru my window.

Laser fire!
In our robot war machines
we battle to the death.

birth defect:
he comes out kicking, screaming,
and invisible

after rainfall
aerobots glide thru the streetlight
then back to darkness

they come
        in the season of a cold moon...
one star falls...then many...

late Europan thaw:
miles down, blooming kelp forests --
        slithering fins gleam.

safe in a dark vent
as the creature passes
...until my watch beeps

eerie summer solstice:
hiding the little men
from my family

SciFaiku 1994-1995

Sun rising over gas giant
Silent rocket passes
to terraform space beyond

Breaking the rules, I clone my wife
perhaps this time I'll keep her love

Crystal city
gentle tinkling of crystal crowds

Weightless         I struggle with my tie

Midway between stars
Abandoned here for my crimes
               so alone

Thin air        twilight
mildew remains the one sign
that humans came to a lifeless planet

        shudders as I pass

        she scrapes off a dead scale

Exploring abandoned saucer
        not to disturb the eggs

We all got suspicious
when we turned out the lights
and Max was still glowing

Millennia pass
and I just watch
from my jar

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