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SciFaiku Web Sites

One of the most exciting developments in SciFaiku has been the appearance of a variety of web sites begun by a number of different people all over the world. People have taken several approaches. Most are devoted to poetry by the authors. Take the opportunity to create your own web site and join the growing community. A web site might contain SciFaiku poetry, reviews, theory, or even lessons.

Note: these links have not been updated since 1996. Click here to see a recent list of links.

SciFaiku Poems written by

Robert Bass
Tom Brinck
Roger Cotton
Todd Hoff
Andrew McCann
Bruce Wyman

The SciFaiku Manifesto

a central site for SciFaiku information, poems, and introductory explanations

Dan's SciFaiku Review-O-Rama

reviews of SciFaiku...contribute your own reviews after reading some poetry

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